Multi-Media 7 stages Whole House Gravity Based Water Filtering Systems For Home

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This Water Filter is a single vessel Whole House Water Filtering System. It is an economical range water purification system that can filter almost every problem in your water. It will give you pure water in all of your tap connections, for All Household purposes like Washing and Showering and other daily Water purposes in your home.

This Water Filtering System Contain 7 Layers of Water Filtering Medias. It will Filter the feed water impurities like the Sediments, Smell, Odor, Taste, Turbidity, Mud, Iron, Manganese From the feed water. Also, it will protect your plumbing and sanitary items from the Corrosion effect and blocking. We are using Imported and best quality media to ensure the best Purest Water output and long-time life for your Water Filtering Systems.

We are one of the Best Whole House Water Filter Suppliers in Thrissur, Kerala. We are supplying all kinds of Water Filtering and Purification Systems.