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Cash counting machine’s operations are based on two central layers of technology. The first layer deals with the actual counting whereas the second layer identifies the denomination or type of the bill.

As for the first layer, once a bill is placed on the counting machine’s Hopper, it is pulled in automatically and passed through a scanner which is attached to a microprocessor. As the bill is passing through the scanner, it interrupts a beam of light in contact with the scanner. This interruption is sent to the microprocessor as a signal where it is interpreted as an individual count. The process is then repeated with other bills in the queue to deduce the total count.

To determine the denomination of the bill, the second layer utilizes pattern recognition technology. As the name suggests, the system compares the bill with specific patterns relating to different denominations. Most machines also incorporate enhanced forms of pattern recognition which assist with determining if the bill fits a specific pattern, in a process known as counterfeit detection.

Some of the advanced technologies used in this process include the use of Ultra Violet rays, Magnetic Imaging, Special Watermarks, and high-accuracy dimensional measurements.

In general, these are the process which is central to the functioning of a cash counting machine. Of course, there are specific details to do with the nuts and bolts of the counting machines, but its best to leave those for another time as they are beyond the scope of this guide.

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