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Filtration Technology: Sand Media, Anthracite.
Sand Filter : - Quartz Sand is used as a filter media in Water treatment Plant in Dual media filter and Softener plants. The principle function is to hold the suspended particles from water which is trapped inside the void space between different particles of sand. It is periodically required to clean the sand bed by backwashing, there by achieving the original like performance from bed.
Anthracite : - Anthracite is a very hard coal. It weighs about half as much as filter sand and, therefore, it expands slightly more than sand when it is backwashed. So, the anthracite reduces the fouling rate that would occur with sand only and gives a longer filter run.
Sand filter is a system for removing turbidity & physical impurities from water. Sand filter is widely used along with water softener; iron remover & other treatment systems to get continuous flow of water. Sand filter removes suspended particles from the feed water. Very easy to maintain only backwash is required.
Filters all water in the home, connecting to the main water supply line
Cost-effective way to filter all the water in faucets, showers & appliances
Great solution for removing sediment & rust from well water & Bore well.
Specifications :
Pressure type filtration system
Available in different capacities: 100 LPH to 100,000 LPH