Fluke 985 Particle Counter Sinetec Automation Pvt Ltd

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The Fluke 985 Particle Counter is the preferred choice for HVAC and IAQ professionals. From filter testing to IAQ investigations, the Fluke 985 is the portable solution for determining airborne particle concentrations. Use the Fluke 985 to immediately respond to occupant complaints, or as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

Key features

Assess air quality more easily and accurately.

Six channels and particle size range of 0.3 - 10.0 µm: Assures accurate measurements even for critical locations requiring ISO Class 5 – 9 certification.
Ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design: Promises easy single-hand operation in tight or awkward spaces with less operator fatigue.
Long battery life: Ten hours of standard-use battery life to last a full work day
Large 3.5 QVGC Color display: Easy navigation and viewing with the intuitive icons and large font options
10,000 record storage: Quick access to historical data
On-screen data presentation: Data can be viewed in a traditional tabular or trend graph view at the user’s preference
Personalized setting and configurations: Customizable settings for the display, sample methods, and alarm settings for sample count
Data export options: Download data to a PC using a USB memory stick, USB cable or Ethernet connection. No special software is required to download or view data
Option password control: Confirms security when required USB/Ethernet charge cradle: Assures device is always ready to go when needed