Stock Market Basics and technical analysis training at Pollachi

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We offer stock market basics and advanced training in an easily understandable way to ensure our customers are turning out the profits from whatever the investment they make . we offering life term suggestion to all our customers . Our training programme do includes :

Basics Coverage : This course aims to imbibe the basic analytics of understanding long-medium term investments and answers questions such as Security Selections to enhance ROI.

Basics of Stock Marketing
Understanding Stock Market jargons.
Different Type of Orders
Execution of Buy/Sell Orders
Stock Market Psychology .
Practical Training to be provided on LIVE Terminal
Technical Analysis Coverage : This course is tailor made for market aficionados to understand market behavior and aims to define the climatic question of ‘when to buy and when to sell stocks’.

Importance of volume and Price
Dow Theory
RSI index
Stiochiometric chart
Moving average
Elliot-wave Theory ( Based on customer's request )
Fibonacci Number analysis
Reading chart Patterns
How to draw trend line patterns
Derivative trading Coverage : ( Advanced Package )
This course would assist you in jumping aboard the High Risk-High Return bandwagon- with minimum investment.

Future Trading/Analysis
Options Trading/Analysis
SWAP- Currency and Interest Rate Swap analytics Trading Strategies
Programme Duration : Entirely depends on customer's understability * -
(One day - two days training programme ) - Just One time fee payment , for further user requests classes , the amount will not be charged .

Training session : 9.30 a.m till 6.00 p.m in weekdays & weekends

Package fees : 8,000 Rs. ( Basics & Technical Analysis training ) *
9,500 Rs. ( Basics , Technical Analysis & Derivative trading package ) **

Training Location :

Sree Finance and stocks Training .
No. 6 - thangam complex , first floor ,
Arokianathar street, [ adjacent to c.t lodge ]
Raja mill road ,
Pollachi - 642001.
Coimbatore district

and also we conduct in covai office based on no, of head counts . place and dates will be announced in one or two days in prior to the training programme .

we also do stock market assistance to your finance