We design manufacture all type of Incinerators for Medial Waste Venkata Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

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We supply a broad range of HOSPITAL WASTE Incinerators including, flue gas cleaning system, air pollution control systems and air pollution control devices.

Our, ENVIRO CARE EMGINEERS Hospital Waste incinerator is dual chambered refractory lined furnace. The double chambers work under varying conditions of temperature, pressure and combustion configuration. The primary chamber operates under 'Starved Air' or Pyrolysis mode and the Secondary chamber works under 'Excess Air' mode. The incineration chambers are lined on the inside with hot face-high alumina refractory and cold face-insulation bricks with sturdy steel frame on the outside. Fine Air System s Hospital Waste incinerator is provided with a tailor made flue gas management system to remove gaseous pollutants before discharge to the venturi Scrubber as per pollution control board norms.


Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore is manufacturing various types of incinerators for destroying:

. Hospital waste

. Biomedical waste

Types of incinerators:

. Diesel Fired Incinerator

. LPG Gas Incinerator

. Electric Incinerator

Incinerator Features:

Furnace : With Double chamber constructed with IS 6 & IS 8 Grade high alumina fire bricks and insulation bricks and furnace is packed with blankets to withstand Temperature up to 1100 degree centigrade.

Burners : DIESEL FIRED / LPG GAS FIRED - Single and multiple Burners.

Manual burner with spark ignition.

Imported Automatic burners.

Pollution Control Board Equipments:

Venturi Wet Scrubber.

30 Mtrs Height Chimney with necessary equipments as per pollution control Board norms.

Blowers of Suitable ratings for inlet & outlet, Digital Temperature Indicators, Control Valves, Ash Collection Pit and Control Panel Board.