Hand Reared & Cuddly Baby Conure Parrots For Sale

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We have some Gorgeous Coloured, Baby Conure Parrots For Sale. All the babies are Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old and have been brought up in a busy, yet beautiful house hold environment and are use to various people, young children and our 3 Gordon Setter Dogs. All my Babies are currently between 10-12 weeks old and are fully weaned and ready to go to a new loving homes. Every morning They Love coming out of the cages and will climb the dogs back and love the interaction of everyone in the family. All my babies are cuddly and strong and come from healthy parents which have bred first time. We have many different types of Conures Available in Store such as, Green Cheeked Conures, Yellow Sided Conures, Cinnamon Conures, Bright Yellow Pineapple Conures, Dark Recessive Red Bellied, Yellow Sided Conures, Pineapple X Rescessive Red Conuires as well as moon cheek conures. All my Babies are fully capable of eating seeds and love sunflower seeds, Corn and peas with some apples. They will Happily take treats from you and love getting their heads stroked and their backs tickled.